Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon Future Engineer?

Amazon Future Engineer is a comprehensive childhood-to-career program aimed at increasing access to computer science education for children and young adults who typically lack these opportunities. Here’s how:

CS in Schools:
We are bringing computer science closer to students studying in government school, who may typically lack these opportunities. We have partnered with and reputed educational organizations to support more than 900 government schools across seven states.

We are providing scholarships and mentorship to support higher education and career building for meritorious girl students interested to pursue computer sciences careers.

How do I get involved in Amazon Future Engineer?

School students, school teachers from government schools and tech engineering aspirants benefit from computer science exploration and learning activities offered by Amazon Future Engineer India. To know more look at the resources available on our website or contact us.

Why did Amazon launch Amazon Future Engineer?

We’re committed to helping young people – particularly those who face disproportionate barriers to education - to develop and learn computer science skills so they have equal opportunities in the future world of work. By giving students and teachers the chance to access computer science skills training we believe Amazon Future Engineer can help close the computer science skills gap. We firmly believe that factors like household income or gender should not define how well a child does at school or in their careers. With the launch of AFE in India in 2021, Amazon Future Engineer is supporting under-privileged and under-served students learn computer science in five countries – US, UK, France, Canada and India.

How are you ensuring the program reaches children from lower-income communities?

The elements of the programme target students from disadvantaged backgrounds as follows:

CS in Schools programThrough this program, we will primarily target students studying in government schools. Over 50% of students (128 million) in India study in Govt. schools which constitute of 70% of schools in India.

Scholarship Program – Targets lower-income meritorious girl students with household incomes less than INR 250,000 per annum.

How have you selected some of the schools you are working with?

Government schools that will benefit from AFE India intervention will be selected by our partners in collaboration with the local and state governments.

How does Amazon Future Engineer fit into Amazon's larger community engagement investments?

Amazon has long been committed to communities where our employees live and work and we focus on building long-term, innovative, and high impact programmes that leverage Amazon’s unique assets and culture. We want all children and young adults to have the resources and skills to build their best future. We concentrate on “right now needs” – via programmes that address hunger, homelessness, and disaster relief efforts – as well as programmes like Amazon Future Engineer, designed to inspire and excite children and young adults from lower income communities to pursue careers in the rapidly growing field of computer science. We believe we are uniquely positioned to inspire and educate students from these communities across India to try computer science and coding, and pursue a career in this field.

For more on Amazon’s community investments, check out our