Computer Science in Schools

We are bringing computer science closer to students studying in government school, who may typically lack these opportunities. We have partnered with and reputed educational organizations to support more than 900 government schools across seven states.
An opportunity for students to imagine a career at a place like Amazon! We encourage students to explore the world of computer science and the power of code to make music, program robots and solve real-world problems. Through Class Chats, students can engage with tech professionals and be curious about tech and computing careers. Students get a chance to understand what it’s like to work in the tech industry and what it takes to get there!

Students also get an opportunity to explore the world of Computer Science through activities like the Amazon cyber robotics challenge and Hour of code.

Computer science exploration activities will be offered through grades 3-12.
Our vision is for all students– irrespective of the schools they study in– to have the opportunity to learn Computer Science. We make Computer Science learning opportunities accessible to students through engaging and level-appropriate learning experiences. Using project-based learning activities, students can learn critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration. What’s more… students who have a keen interest in computer science are offered programming and robotics skills in boot camp mode! See how our partners are breaking CS learning barriers.
We support teachers keen to learn computer science. Teachers are provided professional development support and teaching resources to facilitate effective computer science learning. Further, we will create role-models within the teacher community and provide them with the right inspiration and recognition. As a teacher, see what learning resources can you bring to your school or connect with us to explore more.

Class Chats
Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge
Our partners are taking these exploration and learning opportunities to over nine hundred government schools students and their educators in seven states.