We have partnered with organizations committed to education of young people in India to bring Computer Science opportunities to disadvantaged.

Pi Jam Foundation is the India partner of It envisions a holistic CS Ecosystem in India and has been working in the schools of Maharashtra for bringing CS education to government schools. PiJam foundation is taking their work forward though their partnership with Amazon Future Engineer and Leadership for equity. They are also building a mobile first curriculum for teaching CS to students.
Learning Links Foundation, in collaboration with AFE, is reaching 83,000+ students, 1400+ teachers across 800 government owned schools in 5 states to build aspirations of a CS higher education and career. The strategy is to expose students to CS fundamentals, build systemic capacities across the education ecosystem through webinars and roundtables, and operate at scale through partnerships with government schools.
The American India Foundation, in collaboration with AFE, is taking computer science education in Indian languages to more than a 100 schools in Haryana reaching more than 500 teachers and thousands of students. AIF will build teachers’ capacities in CS, and help students develop scientific temperament and critical thinking, learn coding and most importantly, encourage interest in CS.
As a part of the global Amazon and partnership, is working with the AFE India partners to provide access to content and curricula - over 400 hours of lessons with robust tools for both teachers and students. is working closely with the Amazon team in India to make more resources available in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu, and will continue to make more content available in other Indian languages as well. As a knowledge partner, also brings learnings and best practices from their work in the U.S. and the work of their global network of partners.
Educational Initiatives is collaborating with AFE to improve learning outcomes and bring computer science education to 50,000 girls in Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya’s in Telangana state. EI will use Mindspark, a Personalized Adaptive Learning tool to improve learning outcomes of these students in Math, vernacular language, and English whole also providing access to high-quality Computer Science education. The aim is to inculcate the girls’ interest in higher education and career in CS.
Leadership for Equity (LFE) is collaborating with Pi-Jam Foundation (PJF) and local district government bodies to bring Raspberry Pi-equipped (a low-cost, open-source hardware) CS model labs to underserved children in government-run schools of Maharashtra. The team will work to create a robust ecosystem that inspires students and teachers to try Computer Science and coding - through enabling exploration on CS/Coding, setting up and promoting CS model labs, co-creating student learning curriculum (in Marathi), co-developing a teacher certification program on teaching CS/coding; and bringing convergence for scale and adoption at the District & State level.
Peepul is collaborating with Amazon Future Engineer (AFE) to build 21st century digital skills for 5500+ students from Grades 3 - 5 across 23 schools (3 schools in year 1) in partnership with South Delhi Municipal Corporation. These students belong to the most vulnerable communities in Delhi’s government schools, with family incomes of less than INR 6000 ($80) a month. Peepul will pilot and codify methodology to create digitally literate early learners through a focused curriculum, customized teacher training, and by setting up digital labs using tablets.
The Innovation Story (TIS), is focusing on building a strong CS foundation for students (Age 11 to 18) in Maharashtra through instructor-led, online bootcamps. Students will undergo an expert-curated, cohort-based, experiential learning program in Computer Science fundamentals, Java programming and Robotics. The program is tailored to augment students’ academic curriculum and make them ready for life in college and beyond.
Foundation for Excellence
Foundation For Excellence aims to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” FFE has been working for more than 26 years to support “First Generation Learners’, from underserved, and economically constrained backgrounds through scholarships and mentorships. The AFE-FFE Scholarship program aims to transform the lives of academically gifted scholars coming from low income families and support them to study and build a carreer in computer science and related professions. Apart from the financial and other assistance provided to the AFE-FFE India Scholars, Amazon will also provide mentorship, skill building opportunities and networking opportunities along with a chance to appear for Amazon Internship, propelling AFE-FFE India Scholars to a successful professional career in a single generation, lifting their families out of the poverty cycle.